Greenville is facing a time of great prosperity – however this time comes with its own unique set of challenges. We need a leader who understands and cares for our community, and who has the experience necessary to tackle the issues. 

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Greenville is growing at an unprecedented rate. Stan brings decades of experience in real estate development, and knows that we must look at every area that new development can affect – safety, traffic, and way of life. He pledges to balance new growth with the same way of life and values that our community enjoys now. 



Stan knows that the top job of government is to protect its citizens. While our county has some of the best and brightest in uniform, we cannot let our guard down. Stan wants to put an added focus on school safety, working with our state delegation and school district to find the best solutions to possible problems. He also proposes creating a task force of private citizens and public figures to work together on the issue. Stan is also a strong supporter of our police. He would like to expand training and to be an advocate for our law enforcement.



Every tax dollar matters - the government should spend only what is necessary and not a penny more. With development on the horizon, it is important to have a successful businessman like Stan on County Council to ensure that our tax dollars are protected, and all spending is done as efficiently as possible.